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The avid vinyl collector has been a staple of the line-ups at about:blank from the very beginning, spinning everything from obscure left field house to fathomless bass; trippy electro to fierce techno; uplifting '90s jams to relentless cutting edge dance floor onslaughts.

She has been actively engaged in the social and cultural side of the music scene since her days in Leipzig with the Homo Elektrik collective as well as others.

Currently, she curates the multifaceted conceptual event The Amplified Kitchen in addition to her work for the last ten years teaching DJ workshops for women. She hosted a show called OPTION on Berlin Community Radio which combines themes out of the ordinary all day appearances with the more experimental side of her wide range of musical taste.

Beside all that she is travelling the globe with her bags and folders of music, sharing her exploration of universal sounds with the crowds worldwide.