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Lennart Wiehe

Initiator of the concept label Kuratorium and resident DJ at Dutch club OOST.

Lennart Wiehe is a young German DJ, producer and curator, shaping the sound and feel of some of the scene's finest institutions.

After moving to Groningen, The Netherlands at age nineteen, Lennart Wiehe became one of the early residents at acclaimed OOST, where he invited progressive line-ups to his nights and thus helped shape the club's signature sound. Following an invitation from Marcel Dettmann, Wiehe was one of the youngest to have played both Berghain and Panorama Bar and relocated to Berlin. In 2021, he started a residency at Weltspiele in Hanover, once again granting the opportunity to curate his own forward-thinking nights.

In both production and curation, Wiehe stands in opposition to the trending race for the harder and faster by drawing towards intimacy, warmth and roughness in sound. Following this approach whilst avoiding stereotypes and the obvious, he stoically flips over genre-boundaries, and effortlessly combines techno, house, electro, IDM, pop, and more into a grooving whole.

In 2022, Wiehe released his widely applauded debut EP 'Amb-Kombat' on the legendary Delsin imprint. The record's four tracks merge tribal polyrhythms, techno futurism, and crisp, melodic bodies into one. Following up on this, in 2023, Wiehe launched his new label Kuratorium with his EP ‘Kontaktsport’, including a collaboration with .VRIL, as well as an avant-garde music video by Pablo Dunkerly.