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Spearheading a percussive yet atmospheric sound, Konduku’s minimalist approach to hi-energy dance music has reached a singular space.

Majoring for the likes of Nous’klaer - a label he’s most commonly associated with - to releases with Delsin’s Mantis Series, DJ Nobu’s Bitta label, and his celebrated Parlama EP for Spazio Disponibile - Konduku delivers an undeniable sonic pattern of uptempo, liquid and polyrhythmic groove.

Having relocated to Berlin, curious time signatures and rhythmic pulse remain a priority of his DJ sets, and the artist’s ability to stand out comes through an alluring ability to blend & layer sounds that conjure up otherworldy hypnotisms and radical new hybrids in the process.

Taking in UK bass culture to his sound, turn-of-the-century tech house and mid-2000s Italian techno, it’s an obsession for drums - and a wider scope for what falls between - that gives Konduku a rare, outsider’s edge.

A major musical talent full of artistic influence, Konduku’s sound and style not only inspires but lives long in the memory.