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Gunnar Haslam

DJ and musician from New York. 1/2 of Romans (with Tin Man), 1/3 of Hot Mix (with Mike Servito and Justin Cudmore).

New Yorker Gunnar Haslam is a rare talent with a unique intellect. Trained in particle physics and signal processing , he first began DJing and producing music as an undergraduate at NYU. He met Ron Morelli, the founder of L.I.E.S. records, while shopping at A1 Records in the East Village and Ron released Gunnar’s first record in 2013, the highly-acclaimed Mimesiak LP. Since this first release, he’s been highly prolific, putting his career as a physicist on the back burner while going deeper into the world of synths and maintaining a steady outpouring of music spanning acid, techno, ambient and home listening. You have probably heard or danced along to one of his multiple EPs on Delsin, Argot, Mister Saturday Night and Efdemin's Naïf label, or are familiar with his collaborative work with Tin Man as Romans, who released an EP and recent LP on The Bunker New York.

Since he first began playing out locally while still in school, Haslam has quickly become a fixture in New York’s underground scene, frequently playing The Bunker and Bossa Nova Civic Club, while also maintaining a busy schedule of touring as a DJ and a live performer all over the world. Recently, he has been playing alongside Justin Cudmore and Mike Servito in a collaborative, long-form DJ crew known as Hot Mix. Spanning genres in his productions and growing through collaborations with other artists, it’s easy to see that Gunnar’s music is often about the journey, rather than the destination. In his own words: “Music is the one place where I can do whatever feels right, and just let it all happen.”